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Coworker Feature: Kyle Sulerud, Adleg, INC.


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Kyle redefines what creating new wealth in a community means. He offers a service that is exported throughout the country each day, all the while bringing the earners back to Grand Forks, ND. He is founder of Adleg, a company that helps clients manage their Google AdWords campaigns, which increases the effectiveness of dollars already spent. But the journey that has led him to this point begins in junk.


Junk Removal

By 2012 Kyle had earned a communication and a business degree and was working for a company that was eventually bought by eBay. He was getting along fine and taking full advantage of the opportunities in front of him, but one day on the job made him realize that there was something more awaiting him. He had just helped his company identify and implement a way for a client to save around $5,000 per week. Certainly, we can all relate to the excitement and fulfillment involved with such an accomplishment, but, there was no reward for the effort.


For Kyle, it wasn’t about any amount of money for him; it was about the realization that he was unable to grow to his potential despite helping others grow. So, off he went… to open a junk removal business. (Don’t worry, I’ll explain).

In Wisconsin, Kyle was removing junk from foreclosed homes for payment. It was an opportunity that he decided to run with and take advantage of. The pay was good. But, as we know about the junk removal business (Do we know this?), the ups and downs can be robust and Kyle needed to add some stability to the business. For his business to do this, he decided that he needed to reach more customers.

In turn, he opened another branch of the business in Duluth, MN and began to market his business online. This led him to a variety of tools, including, Google Adwords. You know, those ads that pop up on the side of websites you look at with creepily-accurate ads about items you recently searched. Yea, those. Kyle also found those particularly effective. So, in his evenings, he dug in and learned as much about that as he possibly could.

He learned that the default settings offered to you by Google to start your campaign were not as effective as they could be. By making a few tweaks and some extra attention, he found that he could increase the effectiveness of these ads dramatically.

Soon, he began putting his knowledge to the test for others by tweaking campaigns for other businesses and diligently tracking the results. It wasn’t long before he was approached by businesses with deeper pockets who wanted the same results for their campaigns.


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Four years into this venture, Kyle has proven that it doesn’t take decades to master a skill. He is already seen as an expert in his field, and he literally wrote the book on the matter! (Seriously, it’s called “Essential AdWords”) He wants to help other be more effective advertising their own businesses.

In addition to providing full-service ad campaign management, he just finished a brand new online course which is currently Beta testing entitled “AdWords for Local Businesses”. It’s meant to help small businesses improve their marketing effectiveness as well as help marketing professionals stay up on how to best run the campaigns of their clients.



To stay in contact with Kyle, join his group! He administers an open group of AdWords enthusiasts who are all available for questions at any time. This way you can crowd source any Adword questions among a bunch of pros! Or drop by The 701 Coworking space during the week!





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